Open a new sales channel – fast

Open a new sales channel at AMAZON marketplace by connecting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP System with our easy to set up App. Be able to reach hundreds of millions of customers and benefit on high traffic views at all of your products.

Fully integrated solution for Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, Enterprise Edition, one of the largest marketplaces in the world can be accessed quickly, secure and without 3rd party providers in between.

Our Dynamics 365 App Amazon for D365 offers a fast, flexible and well-directed way to position the whole article assortment into Amazon. The transfer of product lists, stocks and prices from the ERP system to the Amazon Marketplace is carried out automatically.

Sales and customer data are transferred automatically from the Amazon accounts into the ERP system. The Amazon order can be proceeded easily in D365 with your existing workflow.

Directly integrated into D365 Retail

All parameters of the offer can be controlled by D365 Retail. Also which Amazon Marketplace is operated with which products.

Direct connection without middleware

No intermediary providers, no middleware. The app Amazon for D365 is integrated directly into Dynamics 365 and provides seamless access to Amazon Seller Central accounts.

Supports all Amazon marketplaces globally

Amazon offers country-specific marketplaces as stand-alone platforms. The app Amazon for D365 makes it possible to flexibly scale the product range for each individual.

Fulfillment by Amazon and Fulfillment by Merchant

The app Amazon for D365 supports both shipping methods - from your own warehouse and the use of Fulfillment by Amazon.


Automatized and scalable

Centralized management of all products and Amazon marketplaces via Microsoft Dynamics 365 for oprations and finance, Enterprise Edition. The Amazon channel is fully integrated into the ERP system and does not have to be maintained separately.

Order Import

Import FBA / FBM in D365
Regardless of the form of the transaction via Amazon, all orders from the connected merchants are transferred to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This supports Fulfillment by Amazon and Fulfillment by Merchant.

Sales Tax
Central control of the sales tax settings via Microsoft Dynamics 365. The calculation is based on the delivery goal or, if necessary, static. The data are automatically calculated and posted into the ERP system.

Customer Management
Every Amazon buyer is clearly identifiable and can be checked for its status in the ERP system. New customers are created directly in the system so duplicates can be avoided.

Product Management

Transfer from D365 to Amazon
Microsoft Dynamics 365 controls which products are offered in which Amazon Marketplace. Products are automatically transferred to the assigned marketplace. SellerSKU and Amazon ASIN are supported.

Price Management
Changes to sales prices are made in the ERP system. Different prices can be defined for each Amazon marketplace and merchant. The use of Amazon’s pricing robot can also be controlled through Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Stock synchronation
Real-Time synchronation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 stock to Amazon marketplace. Inventory stocks, which are processed via Fulfillment by Amazon, are also taken into account within the warehouse management of the ERP system and reported accordingly.


Automatically booking of sales
No manual effort is required to record the incoming invoices. The Amazon finance report is integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 general ledger, for an easier controllment.

Individual accounts for each method of payment are taken into account as well as individual customer accounts within the booking of the general ledger of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Any kind of Amazon fees are also allocated to the corresponding accounts. If an associated purchase order exists, these postings are linked to one another.

Return Shipment

Even the return management is handled by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations and finance.

In accordance with the legislation as well as the standard of the ERP system, a new type of order is created for a return shipment and linked with the customer and the original order.

In addition to the automatic creation of an order, information such as the status of the goods and the resale value are taken into account.


  • Full integrated – No middleware
  • Supports all Amazon marketplaces
  • Supports multiple merchants
  • Supports Fulfillment by Amazon & Fulfillment by Merchant
  • Automated import of orders in Dynamics 365
  • Sales tax settings via Dynamics 365
  • Create customers – Avoide duplicates
  • Transfer products from D365 to Amazon marketplace
  • Supports Seller SKU and Amazon ASIN
  • Allows different products per marketplace and mechant
  • Different prices for each marketplace and merchant
  • Real-Time synchronisation of stock
  • Automatically booking of sales
  • Booking of Amazon fees
  • Supports return management




AMAZON integration in D365 is a solution powered by ESYON – IT Services