The most common questions about the Amazon Marketplace Connector

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All Amazon orders are imported into Dynamics 365.
Depending on the settings, Dynamics365 automatically processes the orders by automatically creating the Dynamics orders, differentiating between FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).
At FBA, the order is automatically invoiced after delivery by Amazon.
At FBM, an automatic status message is issued by the merchant after delivery.

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There are two possibilities:

1. the prices are managed directly in the Seller Central
2) The prices are managed via the Dynamics standard functionality and transferred to Amazon. For each merchant and type (FBA, FBM) an individual price can be transferred.

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Any number of merchants could be managed per Dynamics client (legal entity).

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The initial product opening with descriptions, images categories takes place directly in Seller Central, if the product is not yet known in Amazon. In Dynamics 365, a releasing ASIN is assigned to an existing ASIN and an assortment is assigned via the Dynamics Retail functionality which is compared with Amazon. Products can also be blocked directly in Dynamics365 on Amazon.

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All financial transactions are taken into account, so that all postings are also made in Dynamics 365. Thus a complete representation of the Amazon Settlement Reports is given. Bookings related to the customer are booked via orders with surcharges such as shipping costs, gift packaging or discounts. All costs, credits, deposits and withdrawals between Merchant and Amazon are displayed in Dynamics 365 booking journals.


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With FBM Shipping, the current stock is transferred to Amazon. In Dynamics 365, storage locations can be flexibly selected and transferred to Amazon as cumulated available stock – per marketplace.

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Due to the integration into the Dynamics Retail module, extensive evaluations are available. Through the integration of Amazon financial transactions, the profit can be evaluated at item level.

Evaluation via PowerBi is possible.

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The Amazon Connector is an integrated solution that runs directly in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. Additional servers or middleware are not required.
The solution is based on the Retail Module of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. The Amazon connection takes place via an own online channel in the Retail module. The focus during development was on the use of standard functionalities.
The Connector is not limited to sales, but also to accounting, returns management, FBA posting…

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The solution is available globally for every Amazon Marketplace. Dynamics 365 currently provides English and German.

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The Amazon Connector is a powerful add-on solution explicitely made to use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition.
It is also compatible with earlier versions such as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and AX 2009.

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First you need to install your Amazon Marketplace Connector in the Dynamics 365 using the AppSource. A Microsoft Dynamics partner will coordinate and assist you.

1st step: installation on internal test system – this allows you to familiarize yourself with the solution. The configuration will be adjusted to your requirements and tested with you.

2nd step: installation in your productive system – Our integration manager will assist you.

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Technical Questions

No, the solution is fully integrated, no middleware required.

Both systems – Amazon and Microsoft Dynamics 365 – communicate directly with each other.

Updates will be provided and centrally rolled out to all customers via Microsoft AppSource.

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